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Our Roots are Our Heritage

FAMILY COUNSELLING IS THE ART OF LOOKING AT THE VISIBLE AND UNDERSTANDING THE INVISIBLE.◆ Do you find it difficult to earn money or can't get rid of your debts?◆ Are you constantly frustrated in your relationships?◆ Have you been ostracised from your community or family?◆ Are you unable to have children even though you have no health problems?◆ Do you feel like you don't belong in this world or are you living a life you don't want?There may be unseen influences underlying your inability to achieve the life you want, even though you have done everything in your power. When you understand the past traumas of the family you were born into, the burden of the problems that exhaust you and that you cannot consciously solve will disappear. Expert Clinical Psychologist Tuna Tüner, who is described as the father of Family Sequencing in Turkey, explains the unknowns of Family Sequencing in this seminar.She explains what Family Sequencing is, how it works, in which areas it is effective with her 15 years of experience and real case analyses. He shares the constitution of the technique with great generosity. After attending this seminar, which is a guide for both those who want to benefit from the therapy and practitioners working in the field, it will not be impossible for you to change the destiny you have inherited.

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