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5 in One

5 of Germany's leading Turkish stand-up comedians take the stage in Turkish:Fatih Çevikkollu, Serhat Doğan, Sertaç Mutlu, Aydın Işık and Kadir Zeyrek.They have been performing in German in almost every city in Germany for years.These comedians, who fill the stages, are performing together this time, and in do stand-up.The quintet performed their first show together in September and upon the request of the audience, they travelled to Germany.will perform in different cities.From the perspectives of expatriates living in Germany to their relatives in Turkey"Germanist" attitudes towards us, problems with German neighbours, men and womenconflicts, social debates, football and many other topics in a humorous way.comedians give their audience a 2-hour evening full of laughterGet tickets before they sell out!

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