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Turkey's talented singer Buray is embarking on a new European tour following the huge success of his previous sold-out tour. This popular singer-songwriter debuted eight years ago with his debut album "Bir Şişe Aşk", which included hits such as "İstersen", "Sen Sevda Mısın" and "Kimse'nin Suçu Yok". With his next albums "Sahiden" and "Kehanet", he broke numerous records and established a solid place for himself in the Turkish pop scene. In 2021, her last album "Başka Hikayeler" was released and the song "Alaz Alaz" became an instant hit. Now she is about to release a new album and meet her fans in Europe with brand new hits! Join her long-awaited European tour and get swept away with her romantic and enthusiastic songs when Turkish singer Buray takes the stage!

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