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Anıl Emre Daldal

Anıl Emre Daldal was born on 23 April 1996 in Amasya. He has been involved in music from a very young age and continues his life in Izmir today. Anıl Emre Daldal released his song titled "M." in 2020. In 2016, he made a successful debut with his first song "Ask Bakalım İyi Miyim". He formed his own band and received offers from various stages, cities and festivals. In 2021, the artist shared his singles "Dertler", "Grand", "Dediğim Gibi", "Bitti", "Kendimi Unuttum", "Bitti (Acoustic)" and "K." with his fans. In 2022, he released the album works titled "When Alone [Slowed + Reverb]" and "Silly Matters [Sped Up Version]" and the single works titled "M. [Acoustic]", "S.", "Between Us", "Son Dans". In 2023, Daldal released "Kayboldum" with Ege Sel, "Kayboldun" with Rana Türkyılmaz, "Kayboldun" with Deniz Mert and "AED Unplugged" EP with his fans.

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